Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

High Risk Investments

Trading in foreign currency involves a high level of risk. The leveraging you are using can work for you, but might also turn against you. Please consider your targets and exposure to trade carefully, and if necessary postpone risks before making the decision to trade in foreign currency. Do not trade money you can’t afford to lose. If you have any doubts, consult an independent financial advisor.

Information provided by Short Trade Pro

Short Trade Pro provides its investors with an abundance of information. This information does not constitute consultation/investments. Short Trade Pro will not be liable to any loss or damage caused as a result or reliance on given information.

Concealed risks in on-line trade

Short Trade Pro does not guarantee the accuracy of any information published on this website. Although we have taken reasonable measures to ensure authenticity, Short Trade Pro shall not be liable to any loss or damage that might result directly or indirectly from the information contained in this website.

Accuracy of information

The information published on this website, which provides aids to assist investors in making wise and sensible decisions, is subject to change without prior notice. Short Trade Pro does not guarantee the accuracy of the published information, although we have taken severe measures to ensure the accuracy of that information, and shall not be liable to any loss or damage that might result directly or indirectly from contents obtained through the use of this website.

Market risks and trading on the internet-

Server updates will be performed at certain weekends and during that time, the software will not allow reception of data.The main differences include, but without limitation, the following operations. When printing order performances data can be received for 5 minutes. The trading system includes many functions on a variety of orders. The customer should be familiar with performing/placing orders. In addition there are short films and explanatory brochures on these subjects.

The trading platform provides real-time data at the highest level; however, Short Trade is not liable to any operations whatsoever performed through the trading system.

Dangerous Fields of Trade and the Ways to avoid them

As is well known, the trade market is very competitive, with many companies offering various benefits and gifts to make potential traders trade with them. It is a known fact that the number of traders who systematically succeed in trade is very low, and to justify their existence, these companies tend to turn to very profitable fields, but not necessarily for the traders.

Therefore there are some speculative fields that have emerged over the years to give brokers high profits and provide traders with the sense of trade, which does not exist in reality.

One of these innovative fields is called CFD’s.

CFD’s is a differential contract on a stock. This means, that if the stock goes up the differential contract goes up with the same correlation.  This field is obviously illegal in the United States, and is shrouded in heavy fog at the collateral level as well. Hence, most of the companies engaged in this type of trade are not located in the U.S. but in Europe/Cyprus, and do not cover traders’ transactions.

Moreover, traders do not receive dividends/ECN refunds, federal securities and a real sense of trade, and are also limited in the number of stocks/sectors.

Trading Commodities and Binary/Digital Options

This type of trade deals with options that have a known expiry date with a very limited financial management capability on the trading day, until the time of expiry.

This is considered a very speculative field that impoverishes traders in single transactions.


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